If the PowerPoint animations are not displaying correctly, follow these simple trouble-shooting steps.

1) Ensure you are in slideshow view by hitting F5 if viewing on PC or ⌘ + enter if viewing on a Mac.
This is the trouble-shooting equivalent of making sure it is plugged in. The animation sequences do not work if you are simply viewing the PowerPoint file in edit mode; it needs to be viewed as a slideshow.

2) Download a PowerPoint viewer.
If you are viewing on PC, this is easy: just download PowerPoint Viewer free from the Microsoft website. If you are viewing on Mac, you should be able to view on Mac’s version of Office; if you cannot, there are a number of PowerPoint viewers for Mac although I do not know which one is best and therefore cannot recommend any specific one. It is the same for Linux; PowerPoint viewers do exist but I am not sure which one is best.

3) View on a different device.
Software and operating systems are changing constantly as each company feels the need to change the location of a few toolbars and repackage their product as new to be purchased. I will do my best to keep up with these changes but sometimes I fall behind and some devices are unable to view my animations. I am currently in the process of upgrading all animations to PowerPoint 2007 which I think will offer the best compatibility for viewers; I am hoping this to be 100% complete by May 2016. For now, minor issues will arise, which I hope you will alert me to as they come up. For example, it was only because some helpful viewer told me all the units were red in the Battle of the Bulge animation that I was able to solve the issue and begin upgrading animations to eliminate it completely.

I appreciate feedback regarding what issues you are having and which solutions worked.


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  1. I am a long time Wargammer (Napoleonic Era). I found your tactics to be excellent in fighting the French.

  2. More battle plats are needed to show movements. Some of the text is printing over other text at the top of the screen, and can’t be read.

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