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Modern Battles
This page displays animations for modern battles 1851-present; some notable battles include the Wilderness 1864, the Marne 1914, Gallipoli 1915-1916, the River Plate 1939, and France 1940.
Peninsula Campaign and Battle of Manassas, 1862 - Watch now on the User Content page!
Joseph E. Johnston versus George B. McLennan: A Union army under McLennan lands in the peninsula with the intent of advancing west to take the Confederate capital of Richmond, but a Confederate army under Johnston stands in his way. With a vast numerical superiority, is McLennan the Union commander who will actually defeat Johnston, capture Richmond, and end the war?
Battle of Gate Pa, 1864 - Watch now!
Duncan Cameron versus Rawiri Puhirake: A British army under Cameron besieges a Maori army under Puhirake which is fortified in a dreaded pa. Cameron knows what to expect and takes all precautions so surely Puhirake cannot possibly surprise him, right?
Battle of the Wilderness, 1864 - Watch now!
Ulysses S. Grant versus Robert E. Lee: A Confederate army under Lee forces a Union general under Grant to do battle in the wilderness - literally rough, shrubby terrain. Which side is more willing and capable of accepting casualties in this attritional contest? 
Battle of Tuyuti, 1866 - Watch now!
Francisco Selano López versus Luís Manuel Osório and Bartolomé Mitre: A Paraguayan army under López fails to achieve surprise before attacking an Allied army under Osório and Mitre. Can Osório and Mitre repel López’ frenzied frontal assault and deep double envelopment? Also known as the Battle of Tuiuti and Paso de Patria.
Battle of Mukden, 1905 - Watch now!
Aleksey Kuropatkin versus Oyama Iwao: A Japanese army under Oyama seizes the initiative with an offensive against a Russian army under Kuropatkin. Can Kuropatkin parry Oyama’s thrusts long enough to launch his own?
Battle of the Marne, 1914 - Watch now!
Joseph Joffre versus Helmuth von Moltke: A German army under Moltke tries to push a French army under Joffre back a few more miles to decide the war. Will the Schlieffen Plan prove supreme or must it be altered? Also known as the Miracle of the Marne.
Battle of Gallipoli, 1915-6 - Watch now!
Sir Ian Hamilton versus Liman von Sanders: An Allied army under Hamilton attempts to seize the Gallipoli peninsula, held by an Ottoman army under Sanders. Will the expedition prove as easy as the Allies expect or will they have to test their strength against the Turks yard by yard? Also known as the Battle of Çanakkale, Gallipoli Campaign and Dardanelles Campaign. Includes the Battles of Krithia, Kereves Dere, Gully Ravine, Achi Baba Nullah, Sari Bair, Lone Pine, Chunuk Bair, Suvla, Anafarta and Scimitar Hill.
Battle of the Somme, 1916 - Watch now at BBC!
Battle of Warsaw, 1920 - Watch now!
Mikhail Tukhachevsky versus Jozef Pilsudski: A Soviet army under Tukhachevsky tries to break the defensive lines of a Polish army under Pilsudski. Can Pilsudski’s risky master plan save the capital? Also known as the Miracle at the Vistula.
Battle of the River Plate, 1939 - Watch now!
Henry Harwood versus Hans Langsdorff: A German pocket battleship under Langsdorff is hunting merchant shipping when he comes face to face with a British hunter cruiser squadron under Harwood.Whose force really is the hunter: Harwood’s fast cruisers or Lansdorff’s powerful pocket battleship?
Battle of France, 1940 - Watch now!
Adolf Hitler and Walther von Brauchitsch versus Maurice Gamelin: A French army under Gamelin sits on the defensive to defend against the expected onslaught of a German army under Hitler and Brauchitsch. Hitler and Brauchitsch are overseeing the Manstein Plan; can it accomplish what the Schlieffen Plan did not? Also known as the Fall of France, Operation Fall Gelb and Operation Fall Rot. Includes the Battles of the Netherlands, Belgium, Fort Eban-Emael, Sedan, Arras, Colmar and the Evacuation of Dunkirk.
Battle of Moscow, 1941 - Coming soon!
Operation Crusader, 1941 - Watch now on the User Content page!
Erwin Rommel versus Alan Cunningham: A British army under Cunningham seeks to relieve the garrison at Tobruk, besieged by an Axis army under Rommel. Cunningham’s attack quickly runs into trouble at Sidi Rezegh, forcing the Tobruk garrison to come to its relief instead. Will Rommel exploit British mistakes and repulse yet another ill-fated British offensive?
Battle of the Kerch Peninsula, 1942 - Watch now!
Erich von Manstein versus D.T. Kozlov: A German army under Manstein assaults a Soviet army while besieging another, both under Kozlov. Can Kozlov blunt the attack long enough to exploit Manstein’s precarious position fighting two fronts? Also known as Operation Bustard Hunt.
Battle of Gazala, 1942 - Watch now on the User Content page!
Erwin Rommel versus Neal Ritchie: An Axis army under Rommel concentrates its tanks in a wide flanking maneuver against a British army under Ritchie. With his tanks dispersed, how will Ritchie prevent Rommel’s powerful attack from encircling the British army?
Battle of El Alamein, 1942 - Watch now at BBC!
Battle of Kohima-Imphal, 1944 - Watch now!
William Slim versus Renya Mutaguchi: A Japanese army under Mutaguchi tries to cut off and destroy a British army under Slim. Can Slim defend and supply the beleaguered twin cities long enough to mount an offensive? Also known as Operation U-Go.
Liberation of Paris, 1944 - Watch now on the User Content page!
Philippe Leclerc versus Dietrich von Choltitz: A Free French division under Leclerc leads the Allied attack on Paris, occupied by German forces under Choltitz. Can Leclerc capture the city intact and assist French resistance fighters, avoiding the type of catastrophe ongoing in Warsaw in a similar situation?
Battle of Arnhem, 1944 - Watch now at BBC!
Battle of the Bulge, 1944 - Coming soon!
Battle of Kobani, 2014 - Watch now!
Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) versus Kurdish People’s Protection Unit (YPG) & allies: ISIS’ ruthless blitzkrieg has seized much of Iraq and Syria but has slowed in the face of growing resistance and Coalition airstrikes. ISIS looks to continue the advance by making the Kurdish city of Kobani its next objective. With unfriendly Turkey to its rear and ISIS to its front and flanks, will the YPG hold out? Also known as the Siege/Battle of Kobane, Kobanê, Kobanî.

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