Medieval Battles

This page displays animations for medieval battles 501-1500; some notable battles include Yarmuk 636, Arsuf 1191, the Ice 1242, Bannockburn 1314, Kosovo 1389, and Grunwald 1410.
Battle of Daras, 530 – Watch now!
Belisarius versus Firuz: A Byzantine army under Belisarius chooses to fight a Sassanid army under Firuz outside the walls of a fortress rather than from within. Will Belisarius’ defensive position hold out against Firuz’ attacks? Also known as the Battle of Dara.
daras preview 1
Battle of Ad Decimum, 533 – Watch now!
Belisarius versus Gelimer: A Vandal army under Gelimer ambushes a Byzantine army under Belisarius in open country. Can Gelimer finish Belisarius off before the Byzantine military genius can rally his strung out army? Also known as the Battle of Ten-Mile Post. .
ad decimum preview 1
Battle of Walaja, 633 – Watch now!
Khalid ibn al-Walid versus Andarzaghar: A Rashidun army under Khalid seeks to annihilate a Sassanid Persian army under Andarzaghar before a second Sassanid Persian army can arrive. Can Khalid decisively defeat Andarzaghar without it being just a pyrrhic victory before the second army arrives?
walaja preview 1
Siege of Damascus, 634- Watch now!
Khalid ibn al-Walid versus Thomas: A Byzantine garrison under Thomas defies the will of a Rashidun army under Khalid. If a Byzantine relief force does not defeat Khalid and relieve the garrison, can Thomas maintain the support of the city’s inhabitants and break the siege himself?
damascus preview 1
 Battle of Yarmuk, 636 – Watch now!
Khalid Ibn al-Walid versus Vahan: A Byzantine army under Trithyrius stands in the way of a Rashidun army under Khalid. Will the religious fervor and military genius commander of the Rashiduns sweep aside the Byzantines? Also known as the Battle of Yarmouk, Yarmuq or Hieromyax.
Battle of Bach Dang River, 938 – Coming soon!
Battle of Hastings, 1066 – Watch now!
Harold Godwinson versus William of Normandy: Fresh off a recent battlefield victory, an English army under Harold occupies favourable defensive terrain to block the advance of an invading Norman army under William. William must defeat Harold and break out of the peninsula he has established a base on before the weather worsens and morale deteriorates. Will the Norman army’s combined arms approach be able to overcome the English army’s shield wall in a literal uphill battle?
hastings preview 1
Siege of Antioch, 1097-1098 – Watch now!
Bohemond of Taranto versus Kerbogah: A Crusader army under various leaders besieges a Seljuk garrison under Yaghi Siyan in Antioch for months. Just as the Crusaders capture the city though, a final, massive Seljuk relief army under Kerbogah arrives to besiege the Crusaders in turn. As newly elected leader of the Crusaders, can Bohemond by some miracle break out with his exhausted troops? antioch preview 1 .
Battle of Arsuf, 1191 – Watch now!
Saladin versus Richard Couer de Lion: A Saracen army under Saladin harasses a Crusader army under Richard. Will Saladin’s provocations break the discipline of Richard’s soldiers? Also known as the Battle of Arsouf.
arsuf preview 1
Khwarezmia Campaign, 1218-1221 – Coming soon!
Battle of Mohi Heath, 1241 – Watch now!
Subedei versus King Bela IV: A Mongol army under Subedei is confident of victory against a larger Hungarian army under Bela. Will Subedei’s smoke and mirrors prove to be too much for Bela’s numbers? Also known as the Battle of the Sajo River.
mohi heath preview 1
Battle of the Ice, 1242 – Watch now!
Alexander Nevsky versus Hermann von Buxhövden: A Crusader army under Hermann attempts to charge through a Russian army under Nevsky. Will the impact of Hermann’s knights rout Nevsky’s militia in a single charge? Also known as the Battle of Lake Peipus. ice preview 1. .
Battle of Ain Jalut, 1260 – Watch now on the User Content page!
Baibars and Qutuz versus Kitbuqa: A Mamluk army under Baibars and Qutuz attempts to lure a Mongol army under Kitbuqa into a trap. Will Kitbuqa see right through the tactics the Mongols are known to use themselves?
Battle of Bannockburn, 1314 – Watch now!
Edward II versus Robert Bruce: A Scottish army under Bruce advances against the encamped English army under Edward unexpectedly. Edward’s knights only have to break through a line of Bruce’s pikemen four ranks deep, assuming this many survive a barrage from the feared English longbowmen. How will Bruce exploit the battlefield’s terrain to even the odds? bannockburn preview 1
Battle of Kulikovo, 1380 – Watch now!
Dmitri Donskoy versus Mamay: A Russian army under Dmitri boldly crosses the Don River to engage a Mongol-Tatar army under Mamay. Delighted by Dmitri’s rash actions, Mamay attacks first, unaware of the Russian ambush force in the forest. Will Dmitri’s ambush force be able to enter the battle and swing the momentum before Mamay routs the Russian main force?
kulikovo preview 1.
Battle of Kosovo, 1389 – Watch now!
Lazar Hrebeljanovic versus Murad I: A smaller but bolder Serbian army under Lazar strikes an Ottoman army under Murad across a stake-implanted ditch. Can Murad rally his young army and win the day or will Lazar’s heavy infantry slash it to pieces?
kosovo preview 1
 Battle of Ankara, 1402 – Watch now!
Bayezid I versus Tamerlane: An exhausted Ottoman army under Bayezid is forced to attack a Timurid army under Tamerlane before it perishes from thirst. Can Bayezid use the traditionally defensive Ottoman army to not only defeat the great Tamerlane but quickly?
ankara preview 1
Battle of Grunwald, 1410 – Watch now!
Ulrich von Jungingen versus Wladislaw Jagiello and Vytautas Didysis: A Teutonic army under Jungingen provokes a Polish-Lithuanian army under Jagiello and Vytautas to attack its prepared position. Will Jungingen’s knightly counter-attack sweep Jagiello and Vytautas from the field? Also known as the Battle of Tannenberg.
grunwald preview 1.
Battle of Torvioll, 1444 – Watch now!
Skanderbeg versus Ali Pasha: An Albanian army under Skanderbeg awaits a confident Ottoman army under Ali Pasha in a narrow valley. Will Skanderbeg’s ambush overcome Ali Pasha’s Ottomans?torvioll preview 1
Battle of Varna, 1444 – Watch now!
John Hunyadi versus Murad II: A Crusader army under Hunyadi chooses terrain to secure its flanks against an Ottoman army under Murad. Can Hunyadi maintain control over his multinational forces and repel Murad’s grand attack?
varna preview 1
Battle of Fornovo, 1495 – Watch now!
Francesca II Gonzaga versus Charles VIII: A League army under Gonzaga seeks to destroy a French army marching home under Charles, but the Taro River separates them. Will Gonzaga’s audacious attack plan overcome not only the terrain but one of the most reputable armies in all of Europe?
fornovo preview 1


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  1. Hi Jon. I noticed that some of your battles are animated and published as a video. If you plan on continuing this route, maybe it would be easier to follow and deliver a larger impact to animate these battles via the Total War series. You could do an online battle with a colleague (to ensure the battle follows history, unlike the AI) and record the video w/ voiceover.

    It may be a more enjoyable watch and require a lot less work than powerpoint to produce.

    Food for thought. Thanks

    • Kyle: Using the beautiful and versatile Total War series is something I explored a few years ago. I decided against it largely because of my lack of skills and knowledge required in actually producing such a video. I am not overly satisfied with the production value of the current video animations (sound/video quality, timing of voice to action) and do not think I would be able to make any animations using Total War live up to expectations. I am not saying it would be impossible, but given the little amount of time I am able to devote to the website, it would require a significant investment of time and resources to produce one. At this point, I am pretty quick in getting an animation from the time I choose to animate it and the time it actually appears and would prefer to continue to produce animations on a relatively consistent basis. Hopefully one day I can explore some more creative projects like this though. In the mean time, maybe it is something you would like to explore doing. You may produce something better than I would have!

  2. how does this website work? this is my first time on this website…. it looks kind of interesting so far…

  3. You should make a page listing all of the “Coming Soon” battles and “Recently Added” battles for people to find them more easily. Just my opinion!

  4. I want a collection of your battles I can buy on USB or CD, so I can watch them at work.

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