Gunpowder Battles

This page displays animations for gunpowder battles 1501-1850; some notable battles include Lepanto 1571, Nagashino 1575, Blenheim 1704, Leuthen 1757 and Waterloo 1815.

Battle of Panipat, 1526 – Watch now!
Babur versus Ibrahim Lodi: An Afghan army under Ibrahim attacks a Mughal army under Babur, which is protected by a line of wagons and two safe flanks. Babur has something Ibrahim does not, namely cannons, but they are just a taste of the Mughal firepower; will Babur’s firepower be enough to defeat Ibrahim?  panipat preview 1
Siege of Cuzco, 1536-1537 – Coming soon!
Battle of Lepanto, 1571 – Watch now!
Don Juan of Austria versus Müezzinzade Ali Pasha: A Holy League fleet under Juan confronts an Ottoman fleet under Müezzinzade Pasha in a climactic battle involving a large majority of all galleys in the Mediterranean. Will Müezzinzade Pasha’s wings defeat their opposition in time to outflank Juan’s center?
lepanto preview 1
Battle of Nagashino, 1575 – Watch now!
Oda Nobunanga and Tokugawa Ieyasu versus Takeda Katsuyori: An army under Takeda besieges a castle when it is assailed by a much larger army under Oda/Tokugawa. Will Takeda’s samurai overpower Oda/Tokugawa’s relatively untested arquebuses performing volley fire?.
nagashino preview 1
Battle of Tondibi, 1591 – Coming soon!
Battle of Sacheon, 1592 – Watch now!
Yi Sun-sin versus various commanders: A Korean naval force under Yi aims to destroy a Japanese naval force under various commanders in its own harbour base. Will Yi be able to lure out the various commanders and use superior technology to overcome superior numbers?
sacheon preview 1

Battle of Sekigahara, 1600 – Watch now!
Tokugawa Ieyasu versus Ishida Mitsunari: A Western army under Ishida awaits an Eastern army under Tokugawa on the high ground of a valley. With the favourable terrain, Ishida is confident he can attack Tokugawa on all sides and destroy him, but Ishida does not know that Tokugawa has received promises from some Western generals to defect. Will these promises to Tokugawa prove their value on the battlefield?sekigahara preview 2

Battle of Breitenfeld, 1631 – Watch now!
Johann Tserclaes, Count of Tilly versus Gustavus Adolphus: A Swedish-Saxon army under Gustavus fields new, innovative tactics against an Imperialist army under Tilly. Will these superior tactics matter if Gustavus’ Saxon allies flee the battlefield in the face of Tilly’s fierce attack? breitenfeld preview 1 .
Battle of Shanhai Pass, 1644 – Coming soon!
Battle of Worcester, 1651 – Watch now!
Oliver Cromwell versus Charles II of Scotland: A Loyalist army under Charles operates on interior lines against the onslaught of a Parliamentarian army under Cromwell. Can Charles hold off one of Cromwell’s separated wings long enough to defeat the other in detail?
worcester preview 1
Battle of Blenheim, 1704 – Watch now!
Duc de Tallard and Elector of Bavaria versus Duke of Marlborough and Eugene of Savoy: A Franco-Bavarian army under Tallard and Elector awaits an attack by an Allied army under Marlborough and Eugene. Will a successful defence of the marshy stream and counterattack ensure victory though? Also known as the Battle of Second Hochstadt or Blindhem.
blenheim preview 1
Battle of Poltava, 1709 – Watch now!
Peter the Great versus Karl Rehnskjold and Charles XII: A Swedish army under Rehnskjold and Charles loses the element of surprise before it attacks a Russian army under Peter. Can Rehnskjold and Charles rely on the Swedish soldier’s reputation of past victories or has Peter successfully built a Russian soldier which can hold its own?
poltava preview 1 
Battle of Rossbach, 1757 – Watch now!
Frederick the Great versus Joseph von Saxe-Hilburghausen and Charles de Rohan, Prince de Soubise: A Franco Austrian army under Saxe-Hilburghausen and Soubise execute a bold maneuver to outflank a Prussian army under Frederick. How will the Prussian genius counter this aggressive maneuver?
Battle of Leuthen, 1757 – Watch now!
Frederick the Great versus Charles of Lorraine: An Austrian army under Charles thinks a Prussian army under Frederick has fled after seeing their superior numbers and position. Where has Frederick actually lead his army and how will Charles counter?
leuthen preview 1
Battle of the Plains of Abraham, 1759 – Watch now!
James Wolfe versus Marquis de Montcalm: A British army under Wolfe tries to seize an apparently formidable fortress from a French army under Montcalm and win Canada. Wolfe tries many different ways to do so; will Montcalm suffer defeat to any of them? Also known as the Battle of Quebec.
plains of abraham preview 1
Battle of Zorndorf, 1759 – Coming soon!
Battle of Saratoga, 1777 – Watch now!
John Burgoyne versus Horatio Gates and Benedict Arnold: A British army under Burgoyne tries to reconnoiter the lines of an American army under Gates but Arnold, lacking a command, will not allow the British an easy time of it. How far can the Americans push the attack against the outnumbered British? Also known as the Battle of Bemis Heights.
saratoga preview 1 
Battle of Cowpens, 1781 – Watch now!
Daniel Morgan versus Banastre Tarleton: A ragtag American army under Morgan stands its ground against a regular British army under Tarleton. Will Tarleton’s disciplined ranks simply overrun and outfight Morgan’s largely militia force?
cowpens preview 1
Battle of Praga, 1794 – Watch now!
Josef Zajaczek versus Alexander Suvorov: A Russian army under Suvorov storms the Polish defences under Zajaczek. Will Suvorov’s preparations and deception plan prove effective enough to gain the quick resolution to the war he needs?
Battle of the Nile, 1798 – Watch now!
Horatio Nelson versus Paul-François Brueys: A British fleet under Nelson surprises a French fleet under Brueys at anchor. Even with the advantage of surprise, can Nelson and his captains find a way to overcome Brueys’ powerful flagship, L’Orient?


Ulm Campaign, 1805 – Watch now!
Karl Mack von Lieberich versus Napoleon Bonaparte: An Austrian army under Mack charges blindly into a trap set by the French army under Bonaparte. Can Bonaparte close the net before Mack realizes his folly? Includes the Battles of Wertingen, Haslach-Jungingen, Elchingen and Ulm.

ulm preview 1
Battle of Trafalgar, 1805 – Watch now at BBC!
Battle of Austerlitz, 1805 – Watch now!
Alexander I and Mikhail Kutusov versus Napoleon Bonaparte: A French army under Bonaparte feigns weakness against an Allied army under Alexander and Kutusov. Can Kutusov overcome the Allied command’s dysfunctional overconfidence and somehow prevent Bonaparte from attaining the glorious, decisive victory he seeks? Also known as the Battle of Three Emperors.
Battle of Dresden, 1813 – Watch now!
Karl Philipp Furst zu Schwarzenberg versus Napoleon Bonaparte: An Allied army under Schwarzenberg fears Bonaparte more than they fear the army he leads. Can one man really have such an impact on the battlefield?
dresden preview 1
Six Days’ Campaign, 1814 – Watch now!
Gebhard Leberecht von Blücher versus Napoleon Bonaparte: A strung-out Allied army under Blücher threatens Paris itself while attempting to destroy a French corps. An entire French army under Bonaparte therefore attempts to destroy an Allied army. Can Bonaparte take advantage of Blücher’s carelessness before being defeated by overwhelming odds in the theater as a whole? Includes the Battles of Champaubert, Montmirail-Chateau-Theirry and Vauchamps. Also known as the Five Days’ Campaign.
six days preview 1
Waterloo Campaign, 1815 Watch now!
Gebhard Leberecht von Blücher and the Duke of Wellington versus Napoleon Bonaparte: Faced by the greatest coalition to date, a French army under Napoleon races to occupy the central position between two armies he plans to defeat in detail: a Prussian army under Blücher and an Anglo-Dutch army under Wellington. Will Napoleon’s subordinates prove capable of carrying out his orders or should he be more concerned with his own abilities? Includes the Battles of Quatre-Bras, Ligny, Waterloo and Wavre.
waterloo preview 1
Battle of Ayacucho, 1824 – Watch now!
Antonio Jose de Sucre versus Jose de la Serna: A Royalist army under La Serna attacks a Republican army under Sucre in rough terrain. Can Sucre hold La Serna’s onslaught and then launch a decisive assault of his own? Also known as the Battle of Candorcanqui.
ayacucho preview 1
Battle of Mexico City, 1847 – Watch now!
Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna versus Winfield Scott: An American army under Scott assaults a Mexican army under Santa Anna in his own capital. Moral spirit guides both these armies, but whose resolve will break first and decide the battle? Includes the Battles of Molino del Rey and Chapultepec.
mexico city preview 1


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