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This page displays animations for ancient battles 1500 BC – 500 AD; some notable battles include Thymbra 546 BC, Marathon 490 BC, Leuctra 371 BC, Gaugamela, 331 BC, and Alesia 52 BC.
Battle of Kadesh, 1285 BC – Watch now!
Ramses II versus Muwatallis II: A Hittite army under Muwatallis ambushes part of an Egyptian army under Ramses as it is strung out in march formation. The various Egyptian divisions are divided and unaware of the unfolding disaster. How will Ramses rally his army and meet the Hittite attack?
Battle of Thymbra, 546 BCWatch now!
Cyrus the Great versus Croesus: A Lydian army under Croesus tries to engulf a Persian army under Cyrus, who fields a secret weapon. Will this secret weapon prove decisive?
Battle of Marathon, 490 BC – Watch now!
Miltiades versus Datis: A Greek army under Miltiades tires to surprise a Persian rearguad under Datis and push it into the sea. Can Datis use his army’s strengths to defeat Miltiades?
Battle of Cunaxa, 401 BC – Watch now!
Cyrus the Younger versus Artaxerxes II: A Rebel army under Cyrus attempts to use Greek mercenaries to smash through a Royalist army under Artaxerxes. Will the Greek hoplite phalanx live up to its reputation and win Cyrus the Persian throne or does Artaxerxes have a way of neutralizing it?
Battle of Lechaeum, 391 BC – Coming soon!
Battle of Leuctra, 371 BC – Watch now!
Epaminondas versus Cleombrotus: A Theban army under Epaminondas undertakes a daring new formation against a feared Spartan army under Cleombrotus. Will this new formation alter the traditional hoplite method of warfare?leuctra preview 1
Battle of Maling, 342 BC – Watch now!
T’ien Qi and Sun Pin versus Prince Shen and P’ang Chuan: A Qi army under T’ien Qi and Sun Pin plans a daring ruse to defeat a Wei army under Prince Shen and P’ang Chuan, known as the Tactic of the Missing Stoves. Will the Wei commanders see through this deception or will Sun Pin retain his masterful reputation?
maling preview 1
Siege of Tyre, 332 BC – Watch now!
Citizens versus Alexander the Great: The Tyrian citizens refuse to surrender their walled, island fortress to a Macedonian army under Alexander. Which side will prove to be overconfident in their abilities?
tyre preview 1
Battle of Gaugamela, 331 BC – Watch now!
Darius III versus Alexander the Great: A Persian army under Darius fails to intimidate a Macedonian army under Alexander. Will Darius’ massive cavalry force overcome Alexander’s flanks before he can overcome Darius’ center? Also known as the Battle of Arbela.
Battle of Hydaspes River, 326 BC – Watch now!
King Porus versus Alexander the Great: A Macedonian army under Alexander must divide its strength just to cross the river. Can it stand up to the Porus’ Pauravan army and its terrifying war elephants? Also known as the Battle of the Jhelum.
Battle of Paraitakene, 317 BC – Watch now!
Eumenes versus Antigonus I: Antigonus’ plan to advance in oblique order is upset when Peithon, commanding the light cavalry on his refused left flank, suddenly charges ahead to engage Eumenes’ powerful cavalry right wing. How will Antigonus adapt to these unexpected circumstances? Also known as the Battle of Paraetacene.
paraitakene preview 1
Battle of Ipsus, 301 BC – Watch now!
Antigonus I & Demetrius I versus Seleucus I & Lysimachus: An Antigonid army under Antigonus and his son, Demetrius, seeks to avoid direct confrontation with the vast war elephant force of the Allied army under Seleucus and Lysimachus. Demetrius chases the opposing Allied cavalry away but can he return in time to hit the Allied infantry phalanx’s rear? Also known as the Battle of Ipsos.

ipsus preview 1


Battle of Cape Ecnomus, 256 BC – Watch now!
Marcus Atilius Regulus and Lucius Manlius Vulso Longus versus Hamilcar: A Carthaginian fleet under Hamilcar attempts to encircle and destroy a Roman invasion fleet under Regulus and Manlius. Will Manlius and Regulus simply blast through or will Hamilcar achieve a naval Cannae forty years before Hannibal’s achievement on land?
cape ecnomus preview 1
Battle of the Trebia, 218 BC – Watch now!
Hannibal Barca versus Tiberius Sempronius Longus: A Carthaginian army under Hannibal Barca entices a Roman army under Sempronius to attack across a river into a trap. The Romans outnumber the Carthaginians but will Sempronius still become a footnote to one of Hannibal’s masterpiece battles?
trebia preview 1
Battle of Lake Trasimene, 217 BC – Watch now!
Hannibal Barca versus Gaius Flaminius: A Carthaginian army under Hannibal Barca lies in wait to ambush a Roman army under Flaminius. If the Roman army is pinned against the lake, will it fight more fiercely and repel the Carthaginians? Also known as the Battle of Lake Trasimeno.lake trasimene preview 1
Battle of Raphia, 217 BC – Watch now!
Ptolemy IV versus Antiochus III the Great: An Egyptian army under Plotemy confronts a very similar Seleucid army under Antiochus. Neither side’s opening maneuvers will decide this battle. Which commander will maintain command and control, and react to the battle’s changing circumstances effectively? Also known as the Battle of Gaza.
raphia preview 1
Battle of Ilipa, 206 BC – Watch now!
Scipio Africanus Major versus Hasdrubal Gisco: A Roman army under Scipio and a Carthaginian army under Hasdrubal stare each other down when Scipio makes a bold redeployment. Can Hasdrubal shake off his surprise and recover to defeat Scipio’s smaller army? Also known as the Battle of Silpia and Elinga. .
ilipa preview 1
Battle of Zama, 202 BC – Watch now!
Scipio Africanus versus Hannibal Barca: A Roman army under Scipio fights a Carthaginian army under Hannibal in his homeland. Which of these military geniuses will outwit the other and win the day?
zama preview 1
Battle of Pydna, 168 BC – Watch now!
Lucius Aemilius Paullus versus Perseus: The professional legionnaires of a Roman army directly confront the stiff phalanx of a Macedonian army. Which infantry will reign supreme in this battle and the ancient era? pydna preview 1
Siege of Alesia, 52 BC – Watch now!
Vercingetorix versus Julius Caesar: A Gallic army under Vercingetorix is besieged by a Roman army under Caesar but a relief army is on its way. How will Caesar react to this turn of the tables and even have a chance at defeating Vercingetorix?
Battle of Ruspina, 46 BC – Watch now!
Julius Caesar versus Titus Labenius: A light Numidian army under Labenius surrounds a Roman army under Caesar and begins to wear it down with missiles. Can Caesar extricate his army from this predicament or will the Numidian javelin gain the same glory the Parthian bow won at Carrhae? ruspina preview 1
Battle of Strasbourg, 357 – Watch now!
Julian the Apostate versus Chnodomar: A Roman army under Julian awaits an attack from an Alamanni army under Chnodomar. Julian boasts superior cavalry but Chnodomar believes his tactics can neutralize them. How will Julian adapt to these and other Alamanni surprises? Also known as the Battle of Argentoratum.
strasbourg preview 1
Battle of Adrianople, 378 – Watch now!
Emperor Flavius Valens versus Fritigern: A Gothic army under Fritigern fights for not only its own but its families’ lives as well against a Roman army under Valens. Can Fritigern delay Valens long enough for his cavalry to turn the tides?
adrianople preview 1
Battle of Catalaunian Plains, 451 – Watch now!
Attila the Hun versus Flavius Aetius: A Hunnic army under Attila turns to face his pursuer – a Roman army under Aetius – when it runs low on supplies. Both armies comprise a vast variety of nationalities so how will these divisions affect the conduct of this truly international battle? Also known as the Battle of Catalaunian Field, Chalons, Chalon and the Campus Mauriacus.

catalaunian plains preview 1



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