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Abu Abdulrahman al-Bilawi versus Mahdi Gharawi: An Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) force under al-Bilawi looks to seize Iraq’s second largest city with a sudden combined arms attack from Iraqi Security Forces (ISF) under Gharawi, comprising the Army’s 2nd Division and National Police’s 3rd Division. Will the fragile ISF stand up to their greatest test since the United States’ withdrawal? Also known as the Fall of Mosul. ISIS is also known as the Islamic State (IS), Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), and Daesh.

May 12, 2016: New animation today: Battle of Mosul, 2014. New season of upcoming animations to be announced soon as well.


April 5, 2016: I am still working away on new animations but wanted to update everyone as to which animations will be coming up as there have been some changes. The following animations are planned for the foreseeable future:

Battle of Kadesh, 1274 BC
Battle of Bach Dang River, 985
Battle of Hastings, 1066
Battle of Tondibi, 1591
Battle of Rossbach, 1757
Battle of the Nile, 1798
Battle of Moscow, 1941
Yom Kippur War, 1973
Battle of Mosul, 2014



paraitakene preview 1

Eumenes versus Antigonus I: Antigonus’ plan to advance in oblique order is upset when Peithon, commanding the light cavalry on his refused left flank, suddenly charges ahead to engage Eumenes’ powerful cavalry right wing. How will Antigonus adapt to these unexpected circumstances? Also known as the Battle of Paraetacene.

March 4, 2016: New battle animation today: Battle of Paraitakene, 317 BC. You may also notice that nearly 70% of animations have been upgraded. I am going focus on new animations while gradually upgrading the remaining 30%.



sekigahara preview 1

Tokugawa Ieyasu versus Ishida Mitsunari: A Western army under Ishida awaits an Eastern army under Tokugawa on the high ground of a valley. With the favourable terrain, Ishida is confident he can attack Tokugawa on all sides and destroy him, but Ishida does not know that Tokugawa has received promises from some Western generals to defect. Will these promises to Tokugawa prove their value on the battlefield?

December 26, 2015: Merry Christmas and happy holidays, everyone. My gift to you is a new battle animation: Battle of Sekigahara, 1600.

Just to give you an idea of how the next few months are shaping up: I have upgraded about 40% of old animations to the standard of more recent ones. This will continue to be my main effort until I have upgraded at least 65%, which I intend to complete by end of January 2016. At that point, I will once again shift my efforts toward entirely new animations that have been planned, while upgrading old animations slowly but steadily with all upgrades complete by end of August 2016.



torvioll preview 1
Skanderbeg versus Ali Pasha: An Albanian army under Skanderbeg awaits a confident Ottoman army under Ali Pasha in a narrow valley. Will Skanderbeg’s ambush overcome Ali Pasha’s Ottomans?

November 11, 2015: The new site is finally up and running! Please be patient as I carefully go through the site and correct everything that did not transfer over perfectly. In the meantime enjoy the brand new animation: Battle of Torvioll, 1444. Once I know all the content is visible and accessible, I will then restart the process of upgrading each and every animation so they are all consistently great.

Thank you to Brian King of HistoryNet for all your help during the transfer and over the last six years. All the best.


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  1. Your site is looking very, very good. I come here about once every three months to look at the animations in conjunction with books I read. Your work makes visualising the battles a breeze. Well done. I am currently deployed to the Golan and am looking forward to the Yom Kippur war installment. Great work all around.

    • Richard Little, what books do you read? Good luck in the Golan!
      Yes great site, it has helped me understand several military strategies and battles. Thanks!

  2. Just discovered your site. Amazing work, congratulations. I will definitely become a regular here.

  3. Please, please more battles!!! At least the most famous and tactically brilliant ones (Ancient battles especially, from Alexander, Caesar, Genghis Khan etc). I’m absolutely in love with your work and keep checking the site for updates.

    • Thanks Jonathan, great name you have there. If you wish to be alerted to new animations and updates, be sure to follow The Art of Battle on Facebook and Twitter.

  4. Why don’t you post on Youtube anymore

  5. Im absolutely amazed about your site and your fantastic work on documenting about so many historical battles. I used your material in lessons to my students , I teach history.

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