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Welcome to The Art of Battle: Animated Battle Maps! This site presents great military battles in a clear, fluid and exciting way. The animations are designed so that anyone can understand tactical and strategic concepts regardless of their knowledge of warfare.

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Battle of Ruspina


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Nov 24th:Posted new animation today: Battle of Austerlitz is now available for viewing.

I have also made some slight alterations to upcoming animations, postponing the Battles of Queenston Heights 1812, the Scheldt 1944, and Mogadishu 1993 in favour of the Battles of Sekigahara 1600 (decisive battle for Japan), Praga 1794 (one of Suvorov's great victories), and Cuito Cuanavale 1987 (Africa's largest battle since World War II).

I strongly encourage you to contribute to Wikipedia's military history project, especially if you are looking for a challenge, wish to hone your research and writing skills and/or contribute to others' knowledge of military history.

Be sure to check out the user content page! If you would like to contribute to the user content page, please e-mail me at

Battle of Grunwald

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Battle of Austerlitz


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Battle of Gallipoli


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